Bookings 2019

Please, feel free to contact me even if your date is taken.
My assistant and I can always split up between two different locations.

Louise & Simon
March 14th – Bali
Photographer: Lovli Photography

Sofie & Martin
May 11th – Stallgården, Sweden

Hanna & Gabriel
May 25th – Eskilstuna, Sweden
Photographer: Smallpigart

Mallory & Félix
May 30th – Snæfellsnes, Iceland
Photographer: Nordica Photography
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Matilda & Ola
June 1st – Västerås, Sweden
Photographer: Karin Lundin

Milla & Jens
June 8th – Linköping, Sweden
Photographer: Fredrik Ericsson

Sanna & John
June 15th – Vidbynäs Gård, Sweden
Photographer: Linda-Pauline
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Josefin & Philip
June 22nd – Norrvikens Trädgårdar, Båstad, Sweden
Photographer: Anna Lauridsen

Nicole & Marcus
June 24th – Villa le Fontanelle, Florence, Italy
Photographer: Smallpigart
Coordinator: Linda Jostler

Elin & Martin
June 29th – Grebbestad, Sweden
Photographer: Linda-Pauline
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Bridget & Anthony
July 13th – Söderhamn, Sweden
Photographer: Karin Lundin

Mikaela & Daniel
July 20th – Tullinge, Sweden
Photographer: Malin Sydne

Caroline & Christophe
August 3rd – Hedenlunda Slott, Sweden
Photographer: Karin Lundin
Coordinator: Fanny Staaf Events

Emelie & Thomas
August 10th – Värmdö, Sweden
Photographer: Frida Ireklint
Coordinator: Wedding by Moalee

Anu & Toni
August 24th – Sigtuna, Sweden

Ciara & Måns
September 5th – Vis Island, Croatia
Photographer: Victoria Cadisch
Second photographer: Frida Ireklint

Emily & Filip
September 7th – Åre, Sweden
Photographer: Jonna Nimonius

Nina & Levent
October 12th – Märsta, Sweden
Photographer: Gino MK