This means Hooray! in Swedish, and it sounds like ”Hyrra!”. Fun fact.

brollopsfotograf goteborg

Oh. Hi! You want me to photograph your wedding day? Heck yeah! I want that too.

But first. How about you get to know me more? I mean, your wedding day will probably (hopefully!) be one of the happiest and most important days of your lives and honestly, you need to have people there that you feel comfortable with and can trust. Maybe, after reading all of my nonsense, you feel that’s me. Maybe not. Let’s see!

So, who am I, the one that wants you to put your wedding documentation in my hands? Well, a good way to get to know me is actually to follow me on instagram (@mariabrostromcom) and watch my stories. I share a lot of my personal life there and you will definitely get a feeling of either ”Omg, yes!” or ”Eh, hell no.” if you tag along for a week or two.

But for here and now: I am an extrovert, introvert person that makes a lot of jokes and sees it kind of like a life goal to make people laugh and feel comfortable. I love beer (especially IPA), Mumford & Sons, sports and to travel the world. I have two kids (born in 2011 and 2015) and one husband. He is born in 1982, if that is interesting too. The fact that I mentioned beer and Mumford & Sons before my kids don’t necessarily mean that I love them more than I love my kids. I’m just saying that beer and Mumford & Sons never get tantrums.

So why am I in this business of wedding documentation?

Well, first of all – yes, it is a business. Because my kids need food and I need beer and Spotify and it all costs money, but really, what I feel the most is that it rarely feels like business. The times I have left a wedding and not felt that I’m leaving a bunch of friends, sometimes family, are very few. Even though it’s not a spoken goal for me I almost always end up being a friend with a camera. It might sound unprofessional, but the result shows that it’s just the opposite.

Cause when you let me be a friend with a camera at your wedding, I end up getting all the shots I would never get if I was watching and photographing your wedding ”from the outside”. With that being said, of course I am a fly on the wall when needed.

At the ceremony I am rarely noticed, as well as when I’m photographing the speeches or an emotional moment between you and the grandfather that means so much to you. The tears, the laughters, the nervous fingers drumming on the leg, the mother, the brother, the kids cleaning up the flower petals they just threw on the way down the aisle. It will all be captured without you noticing it.

But when you need a calming voice or a safe hand to hold, an extra hair clip when your hair got a little messed up, chewing gum (to calm your nerves or to cover your coffee/whiskey breath) or fivethousand ”You look FRIKKIN’ AMAZING!”s – I will totally be there with all I have.

Cause if there is only one single thing you need to know about me it’s that I only have one way of doing things and it’s with all my heart.

Will you let me?


Covers your whole day – from preparations to the full-blown party.
From nervous laughter til twerking on the dance floor.
The perfect way to remember your whole wedding day forever.

Iceland elopement photographer


A minimum of 800 edited photos,
delivered through an online gallery.
Slideshow with carefully chosen music.
Fine art album with 15 spreads.

55.000 SEK

Love is my drug, is my medicine.

Pretty much everything.

mountain wedding elopement

12 hours

If you’re a good planner and know the schedule will hold – this will cover a full day. Preparations, first look, portraits, ceremony, the reception, all the speeches,
first dance and some party.

12 hours

A minimum of 600 edited photos,
delivered through an online gallery.
Slideshow with carefully chosen music.

48.000 SEK

The 9-to-5 (Isch..)

Iceland wedding photographer
A really good medium way, where you can, for example, start at first look and cover until the end of the reception. Or get the nervous preparations and cover until the beginning of reception. What’s important to you?

9 hours

A minimum of 450 edited photos,
delivered through an online gallery.
Slideshow with carefully chosen music.

42.000 SEK

Half day

brollopsfotograf stockholm
If you’re happy to cover, for example, first look, portraits, ceremony, mingle and the beginning of the reception, this is the perfect choice for you.

6 hours

A minimum of 300 edited photos,
delivered through an online gallery.
Slideshow with carefully chosen music.

34.000 SEK

Through the winning, losing and trying, we’ll be together.

Last call

(Can be booked at the earliest two months before the wedding.)

Covers basically a first look,
portraits and ceremony and is
definitely better than nothing at all.
Tears, hugs, laughters and vows. Just perfect.

3 hours

A minimum of 150
edited photos,
delivered through an
online gallery.
Slideshow with carefully chosen music.

20.000 SEK

Destination Wedding

As I already wrote in my presentation – I love to travel! And I love to document love. So what do you think my feelings are about travel + love? Easy math problem, right?

If you’re getting married outside of Sweden, just contact me for a tailor-made package, just for you.


Travel (45 SEK per 10 km / flight/ train tickets / rental car) and accommodation costs is not included in the prices.